Who is Hideki Saito

About me

Hideki Saito resides in Issaquah, WA.

  • Past and Current Projects

  • I work in a video game industry.

    • I am a Localization Engineer at Nintendo of America since May 2016.

    • I have been a level designer, a game logic programmer/scripter, and a producer at various companies.

  • I am an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator (WU7J) (Licensed since 2003, first as KD7TCI)

    • I am a Volunteer Examiner as well

  • Information about my computing has its own page

  • Information about my music preference has its own page

  • I am a Japanese⇔English interpreter.

    • Consecutive and Whispered.

    • Technical, business and escort interpreting.

    • Done some stage interpreting as well.

  • Hold somewhat liberal view

    • According to some random agenda evaluator, looks like I'm more of Green Party person. Which doesn't surprise me, from my view, both Democrats and Republican suck.

  • Supports LGBT social movements (I consider myself to be a heterosexual ally)

    • I don't judge them by their sexual orientations. Heck, some of the nicest people I know are from the LGBT community.

    • I also identify myself demisexual (and demiromantic).

  • I am an atheist and not religious, and identify myself secular humanist.

    • By the way, if you choose to be religious, at least you should know how to not suck at it.

    • I'm criticizing a monotheism and all the baggage it comes with it, including attacking others' belief (including lack thereof) and scientific approaches. Thus, I somewhat aligns with the view of Buddism, Shinto and Unitarian Universalist although I am not a member of any churches. (I've been to n UUA gathering before and in fact, I enjoyed it.)

  • I respect international differences and don't judge (at least I will try my best!) based on where they are from.

    • It's actually very saddens me some of international conflicts motivated by governments' political agendas, are heavily influenced.1 I would say, forget all those political stuff, let's get together and have fun together!

    • I do not however, condone nonsense. If you are acting crazy based on the history, for instance, that's plain wrong.

Avoid imitations!

There are so many Hideki Saito out there. It is a fairly common name. Some I actually got questioned. I have listed few tips of correctly identifying me.

Things that are definitely not me

  • I do not work for...

    • Intel

      • Likewise, I do not work on their compilers...

    • Google

    • Microsoft

    • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

  • I am not an maintainer of WS4J. Please inquire Mr. Hideki Shima for inquiry about this project. (It sounds like very interesting project, too.)

  • I do not own a Japanese/French fusion restaurant

    • I'm not a good chef, either...

  • I do not own an electronics company

  • I do not do wooden artworks

  • I do not have an airplane pilot license (although that could be fun!)

  • I do not live in Tokyo

  • I do not live in California

  • I am not a singer5; maybe you are thinking of Hideki Saijo.

  • I did not write a research paper "A computerized method for detection of acute cerebral infarction on CT images"

  • I do not specialize in forestry or forest products.

  • I did not create or work on Okami -- Somehow I am starting to see emerging misunderstanding. I won't be even pointing to the right person for this as I got a reason to believe he has some problems.

Things that can be me

  • It looks like there is at least one more Hideki Saito in the gaming industry, and thus, some credit listing sites have wrong information. I tried to correct them but eventually got tired of doing it.

  • Most of Hideki Saito in association with amateur radio is by me.

  • It looks like there is another Hideki Saito doing music.

  • If it's something to do with DigiPen, that's probably me.

    • Although if anything mentions it, that's probably from me.

  • If it's something to do with GnuPG, that's probably me.

  • If it's something to do with Emacs, that's probably me.

    • Like "Hideki Saito" mentioned in one of commit log -- 118305

  • If it's something to do with Snort, that's probably me.

    • As seen in their changelog

  • If it's something to do with Krita, that's probably me.

  • If it's something to do with Tor, that's probably me.

    • I've participated in some discussion during early days of Mac installer.

  • If it's something to do with SoftEther that's probably me.

    • I have contributed some code.

  • If it's something to do with Sone that's probably me.

  • Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS バトルプログラマーシラセ) -- this one's long story...